Spot cleaning gun

To clean thick and closely woven fabrics, turn the adjustment knob on the nozzle
to achieve a fine straight line of high pressure spray. Keep the gun at the required
distance from the fabric for quick and efficient cleaning.
To clean delicate and fine fabrics. turn the adjustment knob on the nozzle to achieve
a low pressure mist spray for cleaning without damaging the fabric.
Further pressure adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the pressure control knob
at the rear of the gun.
Spot cleaning gun(图1)
This nozzle is best suited for higher efficiency in removal of dirt, oil stains and
other spots in different kinds of fabrics. It is also more economical to use due
to its advanced stepless pressure adjustment feature which allows the user to
control the solvent outflow and the area of spray, as requited, by a sample
turn of the adjustment knob on the nozzle。
Spot cleaning gun(图2)

“MT-170 DOUBLE ARROW SPRAY GUN" the lightest weight of 1.2kg, is designed in accordance with vacuum theory with strong function to clean any dirt. When using, the strong pressure will come out directly from bendable nozzle head,no any air-compressoris needed.the usage is simple and convenient. The results would be better, if you use I.I.I. TRICHLOROETHANE or general cleaning liquid of solvent.

It is suitable for cleaning the dirt out of knitting clothes, garments,suits and machineries.
1. The proper spot removal by "shotting"the dirt out of the dirty subject should be carried out in a circular sweep, working from the outside towards the centre.
2. The correct clearance from nozzle to dirty surface generally various from 10--20 cm. Bear in mind that the distance also alters by density and thickness of dirty subject(example:fabric)
3.The screw-button at the back side of the gun is used to control the pressure;turn to left strong, turn to right weak (the liquid sprayed out is fewer)
4.For extending the life of spray gun and not affecting the working efficiency of your company, please maintain your spray gun by just several minutes after using. Firstly, please spray rest liquid out, then take off piston No. 14 and drop Little nourish oil on it.
5. If the spray gun is out of order, please. detach and examine it according to the drawing. If for the sake of oxidization please remove it by using deoxidization paste,then drop little nourish oil on it.if for the sake of damage of parts we can supply all parts at reasonable price Please indicate
us the part No., we assure you of our best service at all times