Screen Printing Washout Booth

Screen Printing Washout Booth 

Washout booth is essential for maintaining an efficient screen printing preparation and reclaiming room. The proper disposal of ink, chemicals and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing and septic systems and have harmful effects on the environment. 


• 5/16 inch high density polypropylene construction. 

• Welded main pan. 

• Locking side and back panels. 

• Built-in screen rack. 

• Easy to add backlighting. 

• Easy clean up and low maintenance. 

• Easy assemble

Screen Printing Washout Booth(图1)

Mini Version:

Dimensions:26in x 18in x 34inch

Thickness of Material:5/16inch

Max Frame Size:22in X27 inch

Package Size:790 x 700 x 230 mm

Packing Weight:15.50 kgs

Screen Printing Washout Booth(图2)

Standard Version

Dimensions:32in x 24in x 64inch

Thickness of Material:5/16inch

Max Frame Size:23in X31inch

Package Size:850 x 890 x 260 mm

Packing Weight:34.20 kgs