6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing MachineSPM-ST-606MR

 6 Color 6 Station Silk Screen Printing Press Machine with Micro Registration SPM-ST-606MR

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing MachineSPM-ST-606MR(图1)

The machine is 6 color 6 station Screen Printing Machine,suitable for one or two people to use.Users just need to stand in one platen station to work,platen station and frame can rotate in 360 degree to station location,it don't need the operator move to work.

Mainly used for T-shirt printing, also printed cloth and other products.Optional flash dryer, and the dryer place in the upside of printing station’s platen,drying the surface of material after printing for 3-5 seconds,then printing the next color,improve the work efficiency,two people operate(one people printing,one people place the T-shirt and drying platen,Fold the printed T-shirts)Printed four-color T shirt 200-250 pieces per hour.


6 color


6 station

Platen size

17.7" x 21.6"(45 x 55cm)

Max frame size

20" x 24" (50 x 60 cm)

Max image size

15.7"x 20"(40 x 50 cm)

Machine diameter

86.6 "/220 cm

1.Both shirtboard layer and screen layer can rotate independently.
2.Smart micro registration device for printing multicolor precisely.
3.Screens can be adjusted front,back,lefe right through micro micro registration.
4.Aluminium screen clamps can be adjusted up and down horizontally, beautiful and pratical.
5.All heads can be pressed down at same time,can print multicolor on multiple stations.
6.Special design of spring device adjust tension for screen up and down.
7.Double fix position device is an initiate design,makes color registration accurate.
8.Detachable bracket facilitates interchange shirtboards.
9.Bigger and thicker steel round plate,more stable when printing.
10.Add the triangle support under pallet plate,35mm diameter bigger axis.
11.Heavy gauge all steel construction,electroplating coating,durable,no rust.
12.Stands can be adjusted up and down,and be detachable for packing.
13.Equipped with a full set of installation and maintenance tools and spare parts
Composite structure for packing and transportation

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing MachineSPM-ST-606MR(图2)

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing MachineSPM-ST-606MR(图3)

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing MachineSPM-ST-606MR(图4)