Detachable Drying Rack

detachable drying rack(图1)


50 layers of detachable drying rack



Net specification


Bar diameter

Outer frame:4.5mm

Inner lin:2.5mm

Apart apace


Machine size



Net weight:66.80 kgs/145 LB

Gross weight:72.50 kgs/160 LB

Packing size

Carton for net:97*67*28cm

Carton for frame:108*74*14cm

1.The main body of the drying rack is combined structure, the machine is connected completely by bolts , no welding point, the customer can install it easily according to the installation manual.      
The main body of the drying rack is composed of three independent joinable parts,users can finish the main rack by connecting the three parts with a bolt, there are two tilted supports which can be micro adjusted from front to back ,and they can make the main rack be more stable.
detachable drying rack(图2)

2.The main body structure is advanced electrostatic spraying; Mesh size is 90 * 65 cm; Total 50 layers; the mesh layer adoport foot is engineering plastics.There is no collision noise when lift up or put down the mesh layer; The whole rack is resistancets galvanized process, the foot pads are engineering plastic, and the falling mesh has no metal impact noise;The whole rack is corrosion, easy to clean, no rust after used many years .

detachable drying rack(图3)

3.The rack is total 50 layers, when need to place products with height over 2.5 cm, below 5 cm , the middle layer of the three layers can be removed, connect the plastic foot pad and the upper layer plastic foot pad with screws, the rack can be transformed into 25 layers, each layer’s height is 5 cm .

4.The rack adopts two export cartons packing, packing size is 97 cm long; 67 cm wide;28 cm high, and 108 cm long; 74 cm wide;14 cm high ,the whole case volume is 0.3 m³(the traditional drying rack is 1 m³ ; this package is only one third of the traditional drying rack volume); and it completely avoids the surface abrasion, knock against, deformation during the transportation ) Due to the decrease of the packing volume, transport costs will be greatly reduced, especially for overseas shipping, shipping costs can save more than 60%.   
detachable drying rack(图4)

5.It is equipped with 3 inch universal mute nylon casters at the bottom of the rack; Arbitrary flexible steering, mute, wear-resisting.

6.The machine has a full set of installation tools and installation manual , there are also spare parts components.