Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE NY

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE NYEmulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE NY(图1)

The emulsion scoop coater has single unique coating edges at a perfect angle to deliver proper application of emulsion onto screen meshes / screen coating;

It can also be filled without hand-holding;

Available in multiple sizes;

5",6",7",8",10",12",14",16",18",20",24" and more

Precision-extruded aluminum trough and molded polycarbonate end-caps;

Includes full cover to protect coating edges from damage.

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE NY(图2)

A typical rule of thumb is having a scoop coater that is 4-5” shorter than the shortest outside dimension of your frame. Examples are shown below:

18" x 20" screens = 14 Inch Scoop Coater

20" x 24" screens = 16 Inch Scoop Coater

23" x 31" screens = 18-19 Inch Scoop Coater

25" x 36" screens = 20-21 Inch Scoop Coater