Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough

is one of the most price competitive and best designed emulsion scoop coaters for screen printing industry. They are designed for easy and comfortable handling while providing a smooth layer of emulsion on your screen. The coating angle is designed on a perfect angle. It's calibrated to give you a perfect coating of emulsion every time.
Various kinds of Emulsion Scoop Coater(图1)

Dual edge (both thick and thin) design permits coating emulsion thicker or thinner on the screen.
Thinner coats are usually desirable on higher mesh count (200mesh and above) for half-tones and finer detail like 4-color process, thicker coats are usually used for spot color on lower mesh counts (below 200mesh).

Various kinds of Emulsion Scoop Coater(图2)

Easy & comfortable handling; 
Controlled coating deposit;
Uniform coating of emulsions and blockouts;
Designed with high quality aluminum material;
Plastic ends are permanent for easy cleaning and no leaking, screws fix covers;
Special aluminum cover to protect the emulsion.

       Various kinds of Emulsion Scoop Coater(图3)