REDARROW YH-120 Textile Cleaning Gun


YH-120 TEXTILE CLEANING GUN is designed in accordance with vacuum theory with strong function to clean any dirt. When using, the strong pressure will come out directly from high-quality nozzle head, without any air-compressor is needed. The usage is simple and convenient. The results would be better, if you use general cleaning liquid of solvent.


It is suitable for cleaning the dirt out of knitting clothes, garments, suits and machineries.


Textile Cleaning Gun(图1)

YH-20A / Adjustable Nozzle Head

The nozzle head of “YH-120 Red Arrow SPRAY GUN” is replaceable by YH-20A Adjustable Nozzle Head. With the function of YH-20A Adjustable Nozzle Head, the water out from the spray gun can be adjusted to either foggy way or straight way by just switching the trigger of the nozzle head. The original nozzle head come together with the spray gun can only spray out water in straight way.


Textile Cleaning Gun(图2)

B-1-2 Gun Housing 

B-3 Electric Drive 

B-4 Trigger Switch 

B-5 Silicon Steel Plate 

B-6 Electric Lead 

B-7 Spring Plate 

B-8 Volume Control Knob 

B-9 Volume Control Spring 

B-10 BOLT A 

B-11 BOLT B 

B-12 Gun Unit Locking Screw 

B-13 Pump Cylinder 

B-14 Piston 

B-15 Piston Spring 

B-16 Gun Unit Locking Plate 

B-17~19 Delivery Valve Cone 

B-20 Flexible Nozzle Head 

B-21 CUP 

B-22 Suction Pipe 

B-23 Pump Unit locking Screw 

B-24 Terminal Block 

YH-20B Adjustable Nozzle Head

Usage and Maintenance:

  1. The proper spot removal by "shooting" the dirt out of the dirty subject should be carried out in a circular sweep, working from the outside

    towards the center.

  2.  The correct shooting distance from nozzle to the dirty surface is about 5~20cm. Bear in mind that the distance also alters by HOME COMPANY

    NEWS PRODUCTS CONTACT US Print Inquire Donload YH-330 YH-380 YH-170 YH-120 the density and the thickness of the object (example: fabric).

  3.  The screw-button at the back side of the gun is used to control the pressure, which is adjusted into a perfect working position by specialized

    engineer before ex-factory; so it is strongly recommended customer not to adjust it by their self to prevent malfunction of the product.

  4.  For extending the life of spray gun and not affecting the working efficiency, please maintain your spray gun by just several minutes after using.

    First, spray out the rest liquid, then take off the piston which near the nozzle head, and drop little nourish oil on it.

  5.  If the spray gun is out of order, please detach and examine it according to the instruction menu attached. If the reason is oxidization, please

    remove it by using deoxidization paste, then drop little nourish oil on it. If the reason is damage of parts, we can supply all parts at reasonable price. Please indicate us the part No., we assure you of our best service at all times.