Screen Printing Washout Booth

Screen Printing Washout Booth

Washout booth is essential for maintaining an efficient screen printing preparation and reclaiming room. The proper disposal of ink, chemicals, and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing and septic systems and have harmful effects on the environment.

Our washout booths are a great value for the screen printers looking to wash their screens in a clean, controlled manner, without investing a huge amount of capital. Their small footprint makes them the perfect choice for the small shop or where space is limited.

Our washout booths are full size, made of 5/16-inch, semi-transparent polypropylene. They are strong, durable and build to provide years of service. Our washout booths can hold up to a standard 23"x31" screen.

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Standard Version

Dimensions:32in x 24in x 64inch

Thickness of Material:5/16inch

Max Frame Size:23in X31inch

Package Size:850 x 890 x 260 mm

Packing Weight:34.20 kgs

It is a small, lightweight and inexpensive booth that sits on a table or counter top and holds up to a 24” x 24” standard screen. A perforated drain and 3/4” fitting on the bottom of the ELS allow easy hook-up for the supplied drain hose, which can be routed to the container or filter of your choice.

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Mini Version:

Dimensions:26in x 18in x 34inch

Thickness of Material:5/16inch

Max Frame Size:22in X27 inch

Package Size:790 x 700 x 230 mm

Packing Weight:15.50 kgs