Screen Printing Squeegee Rubber Blade

Screen Printing blade is an all purpose polyurethane blade with good combined resistance to chemicals and abrasion. It was developed to withstand various applications in screen printing

I Series is a good all round product, most suitable for garment and textile printing at a competitive price.
Suitable for manual and automatic printing, resistant to water-based inks and common solvents.
II Series provide the optimal abrasion and chemical resistance,available in most profiles and dimensions
Perfect for high-speed printing (glass printing, cd printing, credit card printing...)
ITW series is abrasion resistance,high solvent resistance and deformation resistance.Usded for high solvent ink printing.
Perfect for semi-auto&automatic printing:glass printing,CD printing,credit card printing, and all industrial and electronic printing.
AAA+ Series offers Very high Abrasion resistance.
Performs well in the following applications: Bottle, Ceramic, Electronic / PCB, Industrial, Solar / PV and others.....

























±3 A

Hanze Ltd supply a full range of squeegee edge profiles as follow:

Screen printing squeegee rubber(图1)

E1  Straight Edge - Single Durometer
The most common squeegee used in graphic and textile printing applications. Exceptionally wear and solvent resistant for long-life use. Also available in precision edge for the highest print quality.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 60, 70. 80 & 90.
E2 Single Bevel Blunt - Single Durometer
Ideal for the control of printing angles. Allows for heavy or thin ink deposit on most substrates.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 70, 80 & 90.
E3 Single Bevel - Single Durometer
Conforms easily to irregular surfaces while maintaining excellent ink deposit control. Widely used in container printing.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 70, 80 & 90.
Available in 15 & 22. 22.5, 30 and 45 degree angles.
E4 Double Bevel Blunt - Single Durometer
Provides increased squeegee angle on automatic presses to increase downward force and control ink shear.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 70, 80 & 90.
Available in 15 & 22. 22.5, 30 and 45, 60 and 90 angles with 1-3 mm. blunt tip.
E5 Double Bevel - Single Durometer
Widely used for excellent ink deposit control on cylindrical substrates and other irregular surfaces.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 70, 80 & 90.
Available in 15 & 22. 45, 60 and 90 degree angles.
E6  Bull Nose - Single Durometer
For all heavy ink deposit and coating applications. Ideal for depositing white inks on dark substrates.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 50, 60 & 70.
E8 Straight Edge-Triple Durometer
An exceptional tool for critical ink shear. Two soft edges with hard backing between. Maintains proper angle with no blade roll over.
E9 Straight Edge - Dual Durometer
A single soft printing edge with hard backing. Eliminates blade roll over. Helps maintain blade angle for excellent ink shear.
Available in Shore A Hardness: 60/90 & 70/90.

Single Durometer

Screen printing squeegee rubber(图2)

Triple Durometer

Screen printing squeegee rubber(图3)

Screen printing squeegee rubber(图4)

65 SH squeegees are very soft; they are usually used to print on ceramic and with glitter inks.
75 SH squeegees are recommended for printing on glass and on garments.
85 SH squeegees are used to print with high-speed automatic machines, to print on CDs, credit cards, electronic circuits, small objects, where high precision is required.
SURFACE: if the item you have to print has an rough, non-planar surface, the most suitable squeegee durometer is between 60 and 70 sh. If the surface is smooth, a harder durometer squeegee, between 80 and 90, should be used.
MESH: if a high mesh count (mesh very thin!) is being used, you need a harder squeegee (80 or 90 sh); if you are printing with glitter ink (which has large flakes of shiny, plastic material that have to pass through the mesh) you should use a softer squeegee.
INKS: the more aggressive inks, such as UV inks, cause more damage to the squeegee than a standard water based ink. The harder the material, the more solvent resistant the blade. Therefore, to eliminate swelling and chemical breakdown, use a harder durometer squeegee
INK DEPOSIT: a soft squeegee will deposit a thicker layer of ink than a harder squeegee.
AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL: hard durometer squeegees are normally used on high speed automatic machines (high degree of abrasion that occurs during a production run). Softer durometers squeegees are typically used for low-pressure low speed manual and semi-automatic presses.