Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE FG150

These high quality scoop coaters from HANZE LTD allow the screen printer to coat screen with liquid emulsion evenly and consistently on both sides of the screen mesh. This popular coater has a sharp edge for fine coats of photopolymer for most images, and a dull side which lays down a thicker coat for athletic or high density printing.

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE FG150(图1)

The dual-edge feature provides two coating options:

1) The round edge is best for lower mesh count screens; it is designed to quickly build up the emulsion with a minimum times that you have to coat the screens and still provide the right amount of emulsion onto the screens evenly.

2) The sharp edge is best for higher mesh count and face coats of all mesh count screens by applying a thinner deposit of emulsion to create a smooth and even layer.

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE FG150(图2)


Aluminum troughs for the manual or automated coating of emulsion onto screen mesh

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE FG150(图3)

Coat the substrate side of the screen first. Begin your coating pass at the bottom of the screen. Firmly support your screen as you press the edge of the scoop coater against the mesh. 

Move slowly up the screen and slow down to a stop near the top. Twist the scoop coater upwards and off of the mesh. Flip the screen quickly and repeat on the ink well side.

Emulsion Scoop Coating Trough-TYPE FG150(图4)

Which Emulsion Scoop Coater Size Should I Use or how to choose a emulsion coater?

The most screens are measured to the outside diameter and there is about 4 inches of screen frame that doesn't need to be coated. For example: A 20x24 inch screen will only require 

a 16 inch scoop coater.

14 Inch - use for 18" x 20" screens.

16 Inch - use for 20" x 24" screens.

18 Inch - use for 23" x 31" screens.

20 Inch - use for 25" x 36" screens.

Available in stock:
3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 14", 15", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26"

Custom sizes are available

Which size of emulsion coater fits your screen printing frame?

Printing size:43 x 35 cm/A4+ size  ↔  25CM DUAL EDGE emulsion coater

Printing size:51 x 46 cm/A3 size  ↔  35CM DUAL EDGE emulsion coater

Printing size:61 x 51 cm/A3+ size  ↔  40CM DUAL EDGE emulsion coater

Printing size:78 x 61 cm/A2+ size  ↔  50CM DUAL EDGE emulsion coater

Available in stock:


Custom sizes are available